What Do I Do With?

You can learn more on where to recycle, hours of Pollution Solution, and disposal resources by clicking on links.

Bedding, Clothing and Shoes: Reuse or Donate, Bluejeans recycling, Changing Footprints
Mattress & Box Springs: Trash, Landfill
Alkaline Batteries: Trash
Rechargeable Batteries: Pollution Solution, How to Correctly Recycle Batteries
Fire Extinguisher: Pollution Solution
Fuels & Heating Oils: Pollution Solution
Propane Cylinders: Pollution Solution, Reuse or Donate
Junk Mail & Magazines: Recycling Bins 
Greeting Cards: Recycling Bins, Reuse or Donate
Books: Recycling Bins (with hard covers removed), Reuse or Donate
Latex Paint: Trash (How to Dispose)
Mercury Thermometers & Switches: Pollution Solution
Fluorescent Tubes & Compacts (CFL): Pollution Solution
Air Conditioners: Pollution Solution
US Flags: Where to Take
Cell Phones & Electronic: Pollution Solution, Reuse or Donate
CD’s & Video Tape: Trash, Reuse or Donate
Ceramics: Trash, Reuse or Donate
Aluminum Cans: Recycling Bins, Donate
License Plates: Recycling Bins
Carpet: Trash, Landfill
Construction Debris: Landfill
Tires: Pollution Solution (Event Days Only), Landfill
Small Engines: Pollution Solution
Household Appliances: Pollution Solution, Reuse or Donate, Scraping & Removal
Pianos & Furniture: Trash, Reuse or Donate
Tanning Beds Bulbs: Pollution Solution
Tanning Beds: Trash, Reuse or Donate
Sharps: Randolph County Health Department, Safe Sharp Disposal
Eyeglasses: Where to Take