What Do I Do With It

 Pollution SolutionTrashRecycleDonate or Reuse
Clothing, bedding, shoesX
Mattress, box springsXX
Alkaline batteriesX
Rechargeable batteriesX
Fire extinguishersX
Gasoline, keroseneX
Junk mail, magazinesX
Heating oilX
Fluorescent tubesX
Cell phonesXX
Propane cylindersXX
CD's, video tapesXX
Aluminum cansX
Construction debris*X
Small engines**X
Greeting cardsXX
Household appliances***XX

* Landfill only
** Scrap yard only, not in bins
*** Includes freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, etc.

Latex paint is non–toxic and stable and can be thrown in the trash ONCE IT IS DRY. The best way to dry paint is to mix in sawdust, kitty litter or mulch. Once the paint is no longer liquid, put the lid back on and place the paint can in your regular trash receptacle.

US flags that have become old and torn can be taken to any American Legion Post in the county or the Corner Cupboard Hallmark in Union City. Collected flags will be retired with all due respect by the Boy Scouts of America.

Used printer cartridges can be dropped off at the Randolph County YMCA for recycling.

Eyeglasses can be dropped off in Lions Club collection boxes located at Winchester Family Eye Care, 882 E Greenville Pike, Winchester or Midwest Eye Consultants at 310 S Oak, Winchester and inside the Parker City Building.

Aluminum cans can be sold to Jay-Randolph Development at 974 E Base Road, Winchester, where the funds received for the cans are used to support JRD programs. Cans may also be donated to the PAWS Animal Shelter in Union City where funds are used to help care for the animals. Aluminum cans can also be placed in recycling bins.

Expired medications can be taken to the Randolph County Health Department, 325 S Oak, Suite 202, Winchester, for disposal. Several local municipalities have drop off boxes at law enforcement offices. Sharps may be brought to the RCHD if they are in approved containers. Instructions on how to safely throw away.

Styrofoam packing peanuts can be kept for reuse or thrown in the trash. Some packing peanuts are now being made from materials that are compostable or that will dissolve in water. Check and see if they will dissolve before throwing them away.

“Button batteries” of all sizes. Wrap them in tape before placing in the collection box.

All rechargeable, Ni-Cad, lithium ion, Ni-MH or any other specialty battery should be disposed safely at one of the district’s collection boxes. Tape contact ends before placing the batteries in the collection box.

Today’s alkaline batteries are much safer than those in the past and can be simply thrown in the trash.

Battery Collection Box Locations:


3 billion batteries are sold every year in the United State. Purchasing & reusing rechargeable batteries may substitute hundreds of single use batteries over its useful life!