Best Way/Randolph Farms

7256 W 600 S, Modoc | 765-853-5714
M-F: 7AM-4:40PM, Sat: 7-11:30AM

What to bring to the landfill:

  • Asbestos*
  • Contaminated soil*
  • Construction debris
  • Waste carpet
  • Clean fill (concrete, brick, soil)
  • Old tires*

*with prior approval
Cost is per ton, but there is a minimum charge.

  • Old appliances*
  • Electronics (extracharge)
  • Dry industrial*
  • Household garbage
  • Ash
  • Special waste*
  • Brush, grass clippings, yard waste
  • Demolition debris

Best Way/Randolph Farms Disposal provide valuable and necessary services to the people and the businesses in the communities around us. We provide safe, clean, and cost-effective recycling and disposal options. Less access to affordable recycling and disposal leads to unsightly and illegal roadside dumping. Best Way Disposal is now using renewable natural gas, produced by Randolph Farms, to fuel over 20 local route trucks. This reduces emissions and improves air quality for all of us.