About Us

Randolph County Recycling District

The district was created in 1996 to assist residents of Randolph County, Indiana to reduce their environmental footprint by providing outreach and educational programming on reducing, reusing and recycling waste. We provide for disposal of household hazardous waste at Pollution Solution and community collection sites for recycling. Our funding is through a host fee agreement with Best Way/Randolph Farms.

Our Mission

Is to provide recycling services, opportunities to properly dispose of household hazardous waste and offer environmental education, programs, and presentations to the residents of Randolph County, Indiana.

Board of Directors

  • Gary Girton-Pres.
  • Bob McCoy- Vice Pres.
  • Brandon Elmore-Acting Treasure
  • Gary Friend
  • Mike Wickersham
  • Leesa Teale
  • David Lenkensdofer

Citizens Advisory Committee

  • Julie Smiley
  • Shawnda Bond
  • Danny Tinsman
  • Zoe Robinson
  • Melissa Brutchen
  • Autumn Dixon

Our Staff

  • Director — Shanda Solomon
  • Community Outreach Coordinator — Tonia Williams