Keep recyclables LOOSE (not bagged), DRY and CLEAN (wiped out or rinsed)


  • Plastic bottles and containers (Plastics 1 & 2 only, numbers  found inside the chasing arrows usually on bottoms or sides)
  • Paper – envelopes, office paper, junk mail, greeting cards and file folders.
  • Paper food containers – food boxes including: ice cream, milk containers, cereal boxes and pasta boxes.
  • Newspapers and magazines – newspapers, inserts, catalogs, paperback books (hardbacks if covers are removed), phone books and brochures.
  • Cardboard can be recycled by breaking down boxes as well as removing packaging tape and packing materials (Styrofoam or packing peanuts). If the cardboard is coated in a shiny film-like substance, it is not recyclable at this time.
  • Glass bottles clear, brown, blue or green is accepted.. Do your best to not break glass bottles. You can leave the label/foil on but separate the metal caps.
  • All food and beverage metal cans – steel, tin, bi-metal and aluminum. Adhesive labels may be left on when recycling.
  • Shredded paper (See Events)
  • Furniture, clothing, shoes and toys
  • Knives and sharps (Learn more here Safe Sharp Disposal)
  • Trash, diapers, and tissues
  • Household items, dishes, ceramics, mirrors, and holiday decorations
  • Food and greasy containers
  • Napkins, straws and to-go lids
  • Yard waste
  • Automotive glass
  • Demolition, construction debris or scrap metal
  • Plastic bags, film plastic, bubble wrap, plastic wrap and styrofoam(Learn more here Plastic Film Recycling)
  • Propane tanks*
  • Electronics, cables, fluorescent lightbulbs, and batteries*
  • Tires*
  • Hazardous waste*
  • Tanglers – Items such as garden hoses, chains, strings, ropes, holiday lights, etc. can become tangled in recycling equipment and threaten worker safety.

*These items can be taken to Pollution Solution

We are happy to do presentations to school and community groups, clubs, organizations, or churches about topics which impact the environment of our county, including the proper way to recycle, how to reduce your waste, composting, green cleaning and many other topics.