How to Correctly Recycle Batteries

Today’s alkaline batteries, those most often found in children’s toys, electronics, and flashlights are unrecyclable; since they are no longer made of hard metals your best option is to simply put them in the trash.

Please DO NOT put them in the recycling collection boxes!

All rechargeable including those found in cordless tools, Ni-Cad, Lithium ion, Ni-MH, button or any other specialty battery should be disposed safely at one of the district’s collection boxes. Tape contact ends before placing the batteries in the collection box.

Battery Collection Box Locations:


  • Didier Hardware (Union City)
    In exit lobby
  • Pollution Solution
    Link for hours and location
  • Autozone and O’Reilly Auto Parts:
    Drop off your old auto and small engine batteries in exchange for a $10 store gift card. (3 per day limit)
  • Lowe’s:
    Lowe’s stores offer a recycling center (usually near the entrance) that accepts plastic bags, CFL bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and cellphones. Lowe’s also accepts plastic planter pots and cases in the garden center for recycling. Simply bring your items in, follow
    instructions at the recycling center, or garden center, and Lowe’s will take care of the rest.


Three billion batteries are sold every year in the United State. Purchasing & reusing rechargeable batteries may substitute hundreds of single use batteries over its useful life!

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