We Love Our Denim!

You love your denim, right?

Made into jeans or jackets, denim is just our thing. The great thing about today’s fashion is that the more worn and weathered denim is, the more we like it. In fact, you actually pay more for denim clothes that are made to look like they are already years old! In reality, a pair of jeans or jacket can last forever. You are more likely to get tired of your denim than to actually have it wear out on you, or at least wear beyond repair. Did you know you can mend your jeans in some pretty cool ways?

Textiles such as clothing made from denim and other materials make up about 15% of the waste sent to landfills, that’s 16 million tons per year! You can reuse, repurpose, or recycle most of those textiles diverting them from the landfill. While organic fibers such as cotton, wool or flax will eventually decompose, synthetic fibers do not, meaning that they will remain in the landfill forever.

The reuse and recycle market for clothing has really come to life over the past decade. Little effort is required to find a secondary home for clothing. You can resale online or have a yard sale. You also can donate to many places like Goodwill or Attic Window. Alternately, you can also send lightly used clothing to companies such as ThredUp.com. And your denim? A company called bluejeansgogreen.org will pay for your shipping to send them your cotton blue jeans. They shred them and turn in to insulation with a portion being donated to houses built by Habitat for Humanity. It just takes a little effort to find a way to keep those jeans out of the landfill, and our environment will be the better for it.

For more information, visit https://bluejeansgogreen.org

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